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Food Hub open 24/7

St. Matthew's has a food hub that is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It includes cupboards for dry foods and canned goods, and there is a refrigerator for perishables, including milk and cheese. It is stocked by volunteers EVERY DAY (although the time of stocking varies from day to day)

Sustainable Renton provides the food, and they are dedicated to people and the planet! They salvage tens of thousands of pounds of food every month and ensure it gets into the hands of those who need it! 

After 3 years of a pop-up Free Grocery Store, we at St Matthew's have moved to a direct distribution model. All food is gleaned from grocers, farmers, and manufacturers that would otherwise have thrown it away and delivered directly to the food hub.

Nothing is wasted and all produce that can't be used supports our local farmers and gardeners with their livestock and compost.

If you would like to become a gleaner for Sustainable Renton OR you have unexpired products to donate, please email or or call us at 425-226-2420.

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Martin Simons
Martin Simons
5 days ago

It looks nice, just wish it said where to find it on this page.🙄

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